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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ho-Ho-Oh Humbug!

I beg your pardon. I don't mean to seem miserly, or curmudgeonly, or even grumpy--I've just been completely overwhelmed by the season. The storage room is nearly clean. It's tidy and completely organized. Alright, fine, you got me. It's ALMOST completely organized. At some point I moved from "Mom's History" to "Bug's History" to "Camping" to "Christmas" and only then realized I still had bits of my history scattered all over the living room and the rest of my allotted historical space had a sleeping bag and a tent in it. Hmm. I guess that part will be "Bug's History/Camping/Japanese Hanging Lanterns."

Here we have a box "Things I Remember." And here is "Things I Feel I Should Remember, But Don't." Above that, because it could have no other place, is "Things I Remember, But Try Not To If I Can Possibly Help It." That's on the highest shelf--the sort of shelf that you need a Sherpa guide to navigate. Beside that, a box full of... well, they might be obscure kitchen gadgets, or my mom may have done a stint as an 18th century anatomist and just forgotten to tell me about her gruesome and grisly adventures as a body-napper/autopsist (is that even a word?). Underneath that, kerosene lamps. Beside those, a moose made of tree bark. Next to that, pictures. Four hundred thousand pictures...at least. Minimum.

Other than that today, I've spent time with Nannie and attempted to make a start at Christmas decorations. I have, thus far, managed this:

Aaaaaand, I spent.

(Pardon the decoration box, boots, mason jars and doggy tail.)

Literally, I have no more Christmas spirit. I thought I'd plug in the iPod and try to Jingle Bell Rock myself into a state of Christmas euphoria... but I can't even find the iPod dock thingie.

I don't want to bake. I don't want to clean. I don't want to decorate. What on earth is WRONG with me?! I love decorating! I love organizing! I LOVE baking! Wait, hold the phone, I think I got it. I had 30-45 minutes of sleep last night...max. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping against hope that tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I'm so full of decorating enthusiasm it spills over and I decorate until there's tinsel draped around the Golden Retriever. (It's gold tinsel, after all!) If not... I guess the Nearly Husband will have to learn to pull his weight in ornaments and ribbon pretty fast!

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