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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Been Too Long, I'm Glad To Be Back

If you can ignore the redheaded doofus in front of him (freezing her lady bollocks off, by the way, despite the massive puffy coat), Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Baxter Black--Jeep Extraordinaire. Baxter Black has been named thus for two reasons.

1) because he came from Baxter Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge in Omaha, NE.

and 2) because THE Baxter Black is my favorite (only?) cowboy poet, and Baxter the car is SERIOUSLY black. Shiny black. Clear night sky black. Oh, people, stellar really is the right word for him. He's amazing! Love, loveitty, love! If you need a ride, and you're within an hour or so distance, holler. We'll come fetch you. Because, mmm, yes, we love to drive!

Also on the topic of things I'm madly in love with:

Doggies with natural camouflage. Here Cassie (without her idiot bell... oh yes, I forgot to post you a picture of her after-spaying headgear) poses on her Gramma's new comforter. Oh okay, fine. She wasn't posing she was napping. Alright, she wasn't napping either. That dog was hard-core sleeping. In fact, last night when I took this, she and her bestest-buddy Sandy Claws were BOTH snoring at me so loudly it sounded like I'd accidentally curled up in a lumber-mill.

In a few short hours Cassie, Baxter Black and I will be driving South a ways to pick up my mom. Currently Mom can't drive herself anywhere. She can't drive herself anywhere because she can't see properly. She can't see properly because, just before Thanksgiving, she had bilateral-somethingty-extraocular-something-tendon-repositioning-something-else surgery. Now... well, I wasn't kidding about the length of the surgery's name. It was about eleven words long, and I think it just means she doesn't have to work so hard to keep her eyes open anymore, but who the hell cares because she won't be able to see anything anyway for at least six weeks. Yay? It's hard to stay positive when it takes her fifteen minutes to read one email using a heavy-duty magnifying glass and a squint. When she says things like, "Is that Peggy in the car in front of the car in front of us?" when there ISN'T a car in front of the car in front of us. When she says things like, "Jeez, where does this turn-lane actually turn to?" when there ISN'T a turn-lane. Anyway, you can understand why she isn't being allowed to drive ANYWHERE. I love you Mom, and that's why I've hidden your keys.

At any rate, in case you are in need of a good laugh this evening (or whenever it is you read this), I'll leave you with this:

I wish I knew what she was thinking.

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